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FSC-Certified Paper: What Does FSC-Certified Mean?

FSC-Certified Paper: What Does FSC-Certified Mean? You may have seen the FSC-certified logo on a range of different products. Our new nu: evolve notebooks are made using FSC-approved paper and board from cover to cover. But what does FSC-certified mean? Learn more about FSC below. What is FSC? FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a […]

Vegetable Ink: What Is It, How Is It Made, and What Are Its Benefits?

What is Vegetable Ink? Vegetable Ink: What Is It, How Is It Made, and What Are Its Benefits? Vegetable ink is an innovative, eco-friendly ink with many benefits over traditional petroleum-based ink. In this short guide, we outline what vegetable ink is, how it is made, and its benefits.   What is Vegetable Ink? Vegetable […]

5 Benefits of Recycling

5 Benefits of Recycling There are many wonderful benefits of recycling for the environment. In this article, we highlight some of the best ones, from saving energy to conserving natural resources. By recycling and choosing recycled products we can all help make a positive impact on the planet.   Reduce Landfill Recycling reduces the amount […]

How to be a Sustainable University Student

How to be a Sustainable University Student Want to know how you can be more environmentally friendly whilst at university? From walking to campus to recycling or eating less meat, read on to discover all the ways you can be a more sustainable university student.   Walk to Campus Whilst often quick and convenient, we […]

10 Best Note-Taking Apps 2020

Our Top 10 Best Note-Taking Apps Looking for a great note-taking app so that you can make your notes digital? Or looking for an alternative way to revise?   Note-taking apps have many helpful features such as jotting down ideas on-the-go, and organising your notes in handy ways. This is our pick of 10 of the best note-taking apps […]

What is Stone Paper?

What is nu: stone paper? Paper made from stone. We all know that paper is made from wood, but did you know that paper can be made from stone too? Stone paper is a new, innovative material that has lots of benefits over traditional paper made from pulp. Our short guide outlines what stone paper […]

Paper Recycling Guide – Everything You Need to Know About Recycling Paper

How to Recycle Paper Paper is one of the most recycled materials in the UK. Most local councils operate curbside paper recycling collections to recycle your paper. To check whether your local authority operates paper recycling collections, you can check your postcode here. Alternatively, you can also recycle paper using paper banks in supermarkets and […]

How to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

How to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Making a few small changes to your office can make a big difference in protecting the planet. Here we share our top tips to help lower your company’s carbon footprint. These include how to reduce energy consumption, choose environmentally friendly products and recycle more . All […]

How to Recycle School Supplies and Stationery

How to Recycle School Supplies and Stationery We all know that recycling is important, but do you know why? Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill. By reducing landfill, we can help conserve natural resources, save energy, and prevent pollution. However, it can be difficult to know what you can and […]

Can you Recycle Notebooks and Notepads?

Are Notebooks Recyclable? Most notebooks are recyclable. Whether you can recycle your notebook will depend on which materials it is made of. For example, you will need to pay attention to the binding. Is it wire bound, or stitched? Also, whether your notepad is comprised of paper, cardboard, metal, or plastic, there are different ways […]

Holiday Snaps!

I hope you have all enjoyed the Summer holidays, whether you stayed at home or travelled abroad I am sure photos were taken! Gorgeous views, a few selfies, group family shots and even a few photos of delicious meals! Then we get home, maybe upload a couple onto our social media accounts and then move on… but I think […]

Holiday Time! Have you tried Bullet Journaling?

  Summer holidays have arrived and hopefully you will be off on a lovely break away in the UK or abroad! Always surprises me how much I actually pack for my holidays yet somehow I always forget something, normally a plug adaptor! So I write lists, I tend to do this in all aspects of my […]

Stationery Style

Who says you can’t match your outfit to your stationery? With journals and pads as stylish as these you’d be mad not to! Accessorise today with a Nu Notebook, our wide range will match all styles Make a statement at work with the bold but smart  Nu Era Style Journals, available in 3 gorgeous colours: Pink, […]

How I Use My Nu Notes App

  If you haven’t heard of Nu Notes – Where have you been!? Nu Notes is the ultimate notes app to capture, store and organise your handwritten memos and doodles, and has endless uses. We’ve rounded up the best of our testimonials below to give you some ideas of how Nu Notes can help you! […]

Scrapbooking with Nu

I love scrapbooking, but also love to write about my collection, capturing the memories with a story or two. This can be difficult in standard scrapbooks which are usually plain, or have bold patterned pages, so I use my trusty Nu journal to write to my heart’s content! Of course I still want to hold […]

10 ideas to encourage writing – By Cambridge University Press

  Handwriting is something that should be practiced little and often. In this digital age it is often challenging to find opportunities to get children to practice at home rather than in a school setting. Here are 10 ideas from Cambridge University Press, Partners of National Stationery Week, to encourage and inspire your child to […]

Why Writing Matters To The National Stationery Week Sponsors

Why Writing Matters To The National Stationery Week Sponsors With just 3 weeks to go until National Stationery Week the sponsors are getting very excited about  the big event! Over the last week Chris Leonard Morgan, Organiser of National Stationery Week and the London Stationery Show has been interviewing the weeks sponsors on “Why Writing […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Why these women want to #GetBritainWriting

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Why these women want to #GetBritainWriting The lead up to National Stationery Week (25th April – 1st May) sees everyone get more and more inspired to write and join the initiative to help #GetBritainWriting. This International Women’s Day we are celebrating high profile women who don’t just love stationery, but […]

Why Do We Love Stationery So Much?

Stationery has progressed significantly over the last decade from ‘boring’ office essentials, to some truly beautiful and luxurious pieces, and with the variety of choice in the market today there really is something for every use and personality. As Marylin Monroe famously said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” […]

24 DIY Valentine’s Gifts that are Romantic & From the Heart

Nothing says “I love you” like a one-of-a-kind gift you’ve made with your own two hands. This Valentine’s Day, take a break from the same old chocolates and flowers and put on your crafting gloves: do-it-yourself gifts are a romantic way to show your loved one how much you care. 52 Reasons I Love You The […]

Nu Notes Proves – Handwriting Isn’t Dead

There is a common misconception around at the moment that stationery and writing by hand is ‘old fashioned’. In these digital days, it’s hard to find a person who hasn’t sent a text from their smartphone or email from their iPad before lunch. But a new poll has found that Brits still treasure the age-old […]

The Paper Recycling Cycle

A number of nu notebooks are proud to be made with recycled or FSC paper, such as the nu vibe notebooks pictured, but what does it actually mean? Did you know that as a nation we use 12.5 million tonnes of paper each year? One can’t help but wonder, where does it all go? This […]

Apps to help you succeed with your new year’s resolution in 2016

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to give us the push we need to commit to ways we want to better ourselves in 2016, and luckily today’s technology makes it easier than ever to stick to our goals! Whether it’s learning a new skill of getting rid of poor habits, there’s an app out there […]

11 ways to get in to the Christmas Spirit!

Having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year? Banish your inner Scrooge and worry no more! After reading the following 11 tips on how to jolly yourself up you’ll be merrier than Santa Claus himself this Christmas! Deck the halls and get in the Christmas spirit! Christmas traditions light the fire of Christmas spirit. […]

The Ideas Guide For Perfect Presents This Christmas

            As we all know the festive season that is Christmas is shortly coming upon us and will be here before we know it. Think back to last year when you were weaving your way through the manic last minute Christmas shopping crowds commenting that you would be more prepared […]

Fabriano Journal Notebook Review

A guest blog by Tessa www.allthingsstationery.co.uk ; @TessaSowry I work in Covent Garden, where the Fabriano Boutique is and occasionally pop in on a lunch break to have a look around, although I’m yet to actually try anything from there. When notebook manufacturers/distributors Nuco (who make all the Nu range) got in touch to see if […]

Suffering from #ManicMonday?

At Nuco, every day feels like a Monday! ‘In’ trays seem to be forever piling up, and filing emails can seem like a full time job itself! We asked the team what their top tips are for organisation, and have shared our top 5 with you below! I try to stick to the “Two-Minute Rule” […]

What Your Handwriting Says About You

“Graphology” – there’s a new word to impress with at dinner parties. It means the study of handwriting, and is used to analyse aspects such as character, personality and abilities. It has even been used in the medical field as a means of tracking diseases!   Size – Large writing indicates you are outgoing with […]

Nu Notebook Hack – Customising Your Covers

A guest blog by Anna www.mrsbrimbles.blogspot.com; @MrsBrimbles The lovely people of Nu Notebooks reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in doing a ‘hack’ of one of their notebooks. Of course being the stationery lover that I am I had to seriously think long and hard as to whether this was […]

Tips and Tricks – Pocket Notebook Hack

Nu Notebook Hack – Adding a Pocket to Your Notebook A guest blog by Amanda @MyEclecticBlog : www.amanda-sheseclectic.blogspot.co.uk   I love notebooks, so when Nuco contacted me about their new website and blog I jumped at the chance to work with them.  They sent me this gorgeous pink Nu Era pop notebook so I could share with you my little […]

Nuco’s New Look!

You may have noticed – things have changed around here. At Nuco one of our core values is innovation, we strive to create excellence by unleashing our most creative thoughts and ideas, and we knew this needed to extend to a brand new website design. Our new site has been designed with you in mind. […]

Nu Make an Impact at NUS Show 2015

On the 9th July Nuco International were pleased to return to exhibit at the NUS 2015 Annual Trade Show at the USN Bolton Arena. The networking and leisure event for all NUS stakeholders was successful in introducing the new product ranges and development of our Nu branded range. The vibrant colours and variety of finishes attracted an […]

Tips And Tricks: How to Efficiently use your Nu Notes App

One of the main things we’ve noticed from our app launch and reading your feedback is just how many different ways it is being used! We’ve rounded up our top 5 tricks below which you might not know about, to help your Nu Notes app become even more invaluable. Often when reading notes or revising you might […]

Nuco Release Nu Notes™ App

NUCO INTERNATIONAL RELEASE NU NOTES™ APP Transfer handwritten notes to digital scans whenever, wherever Nuco are proud to have launched ‘Nu Notes™’, the ultimate notes app to capture, store and organise your handwritten memos and doodles.  The app will allow consumers to Scan, Save, and Share their notes through a unique interface designed to harmonise […]

National Stationery Week Goes Global with Launch of World Stationery Day

National Stationery Week Goes Global with Launch of World Stationery Day Now in its third year, National Stationery Week has caught the imagination of consumers and stationery fans around the world. Organised by the London Stationery Show, it has succeeded not only in getting people in the UK talking about stationery and the importance of […]

Starspotting at Sporting Dinner As one of the proud sponsors of Birmingham and Solihull RFC, Nuco International were invited to the Bees Sporting Dinner, where former New Zealand Captain and Rugby Union Legend Sean Fitzpatrick gave a fascinating insight into what it means to be an All Black – New Zealand International Rugby star Needless […]