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5 Benefits of Recycling

5 Benefits of Recycling There are many wonderful benefits of recycling for the environment. In this article, we highlight some of the best ones, from saving energy to conserving natural resources. By recycling and choosing recycled products we can all help make a positive impact on the planet.   Reduce Landfill Recycling reduces the amount […]

How to be a Sustainable University Student

How to be a Sustainable University Student Want to know how you can be more environmentally friendly whilst at university? From walking to campus to recycling or eating less meat, read on to discover all the ways you can be a more sustainable university student.   Walk to Campus Whilst often quick and convenient, we […]

Scrapbooking with Nu

I love scrapbooking, but also love to write about my collection, capturing the memories with a story or two. This can be difficult in standard scrapbooks which are usually plain, or have bold patterned pages, so I use my trusty Nu journal to write to my heart’s content! Of course I still want to hold […]

10 ideas to encourage writing – By Cambridge University Press

  Handwriting is something that should be practiced little and often. In this digital age it is often challenging to find opportunities to get children to practice at home rather than in a school setting. Here are 10 ideas from Cambridge University Press, Partners of National Stationery Week, to encourage and inspire your child to […]

National Stationery Week Goes Global with Launch of World Stationery Day

National Stationery Week Goes Global with Launch of World Stationery Day Now in its third year, National Stationery Week has caught the imagination of consumers and stationery fans around the world. Organised by the London Stationery Show, it has succeeded not only in getting people in the UK talking about stationery and the importance of […]