10 Best Note-Taking Apps 2020

Looking for a great note-taking app so that you can make your notes digital? Or looking for an alternative way to revise?   Note-taking apps have many helpful features such as jotting down ideas on-the-go, and organising your notes in handy ways. This is our pick of 10 of the best note-taking apps that you can download today.

1.nu: Notes

nu: Notes allows you to capture, store, and organise your handwritten memos, ideas, and doodles. Its unique scan technology allows you to scan, save, and share your notes. Simply capture notes with your camera, which you can then organise and flick through in a virtual notepad, accessing all your notes in one place. Once scanned, notes can be highlighted, annotated, or edited, before being shared via email, social media, dropbox, and iMessage. The app is regularly updated with new features based on user feedback.

2. OneNote

OneNote is Microsoft’s note-taking app as part of its Office suite. It allows you to type text, drag and drop images, clip web pages, make videos, create checklists, record audio, write notes by hand, draw sketches, and scan handwritten notes. It organises notes in a classic binder-style, with tabs, tagging, and colour-coded sections. You can also revise notes using type, highlighter, and annotations and share notes with others.

3. Evernote

Evernote allows you to take notes in a variety of formats including text, pictures, photos, audio, video, and even web page clippings. Organise your notes in virtual notebooks and manage them using tags which can then be shared with others. The app also lets you highlight and edit saved notes and scan and digitise paper documents. You can access the app across all platforms including laptop, mobile, and web and also search across all notes.

4. Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a note-taking app that is built into Apple devices. You can create checklists, add web links, draw sketches, dictate content, add photos, create handwritten notes, scan paper documents, and add attachments. Format notes using bold, italics, fonts, tables, titles, headings, and bullets and organise content using folders and subfolders. Notes are stored in the cloud for effortless access and you can add other users to collaborate on a shared note.


5. Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app for Android that syncs across all devices including your phone, tablet, and computer. Capture, edit, and collaborate on any device by adding notes, lists, photos, and audio. Organise notes using labels and colours, and filter and search to find the note you need. The app allows you to set time and location-based reminders and it will also transcribe voice notes and memos for you to share with family and friends.

6. Simplenote

Simplenote is the most simple note-taking app. It does not have all the bells and whistles of other apps – there is no formatting, no images, no attachments – it offers simply typed text in a clean, clutter-free space for minimal, distraction-free note-taking. Take notes, make lists, record ideas, and use tags to organise ideas. Notes are synced across all devices so you can use the app anywhere, and all notes are backed up so you can restore previous versions if needed.

7. Bear

Bear is an app for creating anything from quick notes to in-depth essays to longer prose. Add images and photos, edit notes, make use of many export options, and share anywhere. Customise with themes and typography and use focus mode to boost concentration. Use cross-note links to reference other notes and take advantage of the advanced markup options. You can also encrypt notes to keep them safe or use touch ID to protect private notes.

8. Zoho Notebook

Zoho lets you make notes in text, checklist, web clipping, audio, photo, file attachment, and sketch. Zoho organises each note based on the type of note using cards. There are different card categories for each type of note and each card can be further organised by colour, tagged, and grouped together. Also, get instant access to all notes across multiple devices, search across different cards, and protect notes using touch ID or password.


Notion is an all-in-one workspace for not only notes, but also tasks, spreadsheets, knowledge bases, projects, and databases. Add images, text, lists, video, audio, files, bookmarks, and code snippets and simply drag and drop to arrange content. Content is organised using nested pages for clean UX. It syncs with all devices and is great for sharing, commenting, and editing in real-time. Notion is ideal for taking notes at work and when collaborating with a team.

10. Milanote

Milanote is a tool for making more visual notes, and so is ideal for visual thinkers, designers, and creatives. It allows you to create a pinboard of ideas, write notes and to-do lists, add images and files, and save web pages. Its drag-and-drop interface enables you to arrange notes any way you like and organise your notes and ideas into visual boards. You can then share ideas with your team and edit notes in real-time as it is synced across all devices.

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Try these note-taking apps today to optimise your note-taking. Do you have any favourite note-taking apps that we haven’t mentioned on this list?

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