National Stationery Week

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Why these women want to #GetBritainWriting

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Why these women want to #GetBritainWriting

The lead up to National Stationery Week (25th April – 1st May) sees everyone get more and more inspired to write and join the initiative to help #GetBritainWriting.

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating high profile women who don’t just love stationery, but are passionate about letting the world know how their joy of writing by hand has contributed to their success.

Sarah Millican @SarahMillican75

Sarah Milican“For me, stationery is calmness, a constant. No matter what has been going on in my life, pads and pens always make me happy.

A new notepad is a new start. My standup shows are entirely written in a collection of scrappy notebooks. I don’t trust computers. Anything could happen between these pages. They’re a shortcut to joy.

I’m sure other people are cheered by purchasing clothes and jewellery but when I want to treat myself, I wander into a stationery shop and breathe out. Plus, I’ve never been too fat for a ringbinder.” Source –

Holly Smale @holsmale

Holly SmaleStationery definitely brings out the geek in all of us. It’s not just because it can be beautiful and collectible in itself – although it can be. It’s because of what it represents: a blank page, a new beginning, an opportunity for creativity, ideas, potential. I think we all love how stationery brings out the excited school kids in all of us, and reminds us of what we can do.

When it comes to stationery I am utterly sentimental and nostalgic. As a child I loved my silver fountain pen with a little glass pot of ink because it made me feel like a ‘serious writer’ (even if it ruined many bags). Generally I’m drawn to childlike stationery or anything that tugs on my memory. Source – Stationery Magazine 2015

Lucy Mangan @lucymangan

Lucy ManganWe all love stationery (some more moderately and tastefully than others). But why? It seems to me to offer two great and seductive promises.

The first is that it will unleash your creative potential. The right pen and the right paper brought into conjunction, runs the unspoken thought, cannot help but result in a sudden influx of bold, brilliant and original ideas, the germ of a bestselling novel that will in its turn be inscribed in another, perhaps larger notebook more worthy of the task, in sentences as creamy and beautiful as the pages on which they are written. I am always on the hunt for the perfect notebook.

The second promise is the promise of organisation. I remember at university one friend coming bearing a trayful of differently coloured index cards and four full lever arch files with sections neatly marked by cardboard dividers down the side subdivided by coloured tags. “OK,” he said “I may not know everything yet. But I know where it all is.” I wake every morning in the hope that today I may purchase the concertina file, ring binder, set of folders or box of plastic wallets that will finally enable me to live that dream.

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