Fabriano journal notebook review

Fabriano Journal Notebook Review

A guest blog by Tessa www.allthingsstationery.co.uk ; @TessaSowry

I work in Covent Garden, where the Fabriano Boutique is and occasionally pop in on a lunch break to have a look around, although I’m yet to actually try anything from there.

When notebook manufacturers/distributors Nuco (who make all the Nu range) got in touch to see if I’d like to try any of their ranges, as soon as I saw they work with Fabriano, I knew what I wanted to try!














From the Fabriano EcoQua range, I chose an A5 lined notebook, as this is the most comparable to the notebooks I usually use, like Leuchtturm 1917 and Moleskine.

This notebook has a nice feel, I really like the texture of the cover. It’s a soft cover, so I feel like it wouldn’t be quite as safe being bashed around in a bag as my hard backed books, but that’s ok. They claim that they are 100% environmentally friendly, so I guess this cover is recyclable, in a way that the more plasticky hard covers aren’t, so that’s a good thing.













It’s a fairly plain notebook with a couple of features, a band to hold everything together, and a pocket inside the back cover to keep things (receipts, notes, postcards) safe. I always appreciate this in a notebook, although I often forget what I’ve put in there for safe-keeping and only find it months later…














And the most important test… How does it cope with different pens? I tested it with a variety, and there’s no bleeding/feathering for any of the ink pens, which is pretty impressive. It’s definitely a fountain pen friendly paper. And the only ones that showed through on the next page were the broad-nibbed fountain pen (a tiny bit) and the Sharpie, as you’d expect:














Worth noting that the paper is quite smooth, so I much preferred using a softer pencil. In this case a Blackwing Pearl over the harder Swiss Wood.

Overall I think this is a really solid everyday notebook. A nice simple design, no fuss, and I’m really impressed with the quality of the paper.

You can get hold of one for £7.67 (precisely) from the Fabriano Boutique site.

Please note I was sent this notebook free of charge for the purposes of this post, but my opinions are all my own.