Scrapbooking with Nu

I love scrapbooking, but also love to write about my collection, capturing the memories with a story or two. This can be difficult in standard scrapbooks which are usually plain, or have bold patterned pages, so I use my trusty Nu journal to write to my heart’s content! Of course I still want to hold on to all my photos and clippings, and that’s where my handy tip comes in (drumroll please)… Photo Corners!

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A perfect inexpensive solution to turn any notebook or journal into a scrapbook without the need to permanently stick down the clippings, photo corners are great for travel, event or recipe journals too! I personally use them for slotting business cards next to meeting notes, and colour swatches next to new product ideas for no-mess no-glue on the go sticking!

Step One – decide what your scrapbook will be all about! I have decided to put together a mini collage of my trip to the London Stationery Show 2016 during National Stationery Week.

Step Two – Use the photo corners to stick the photos/train tickets/any other memorabilia you have to the page.

Step Three – Annotate around the images about what the images mean and what you want to remember!

Step Four – Step back and look at your amazing new memory page easily put together in a matter of minutes. Now you wont have to forget a moment ever again!

Why not give it a try and send in pictures of scrapbooks that you have put together of your favourite moments to never be forgotten!


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