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Suffering from #ManicMonday?

At Nuco, every day feels like a Monday! ‘In’ trays seem to be forever piling up, and filing emails can seem like a full time job itself! We asked the team what their top tips are for organisation, and have shared our top 5 with you below!

  • I try to stick to the “Two-Minute Rule” when it comes to reading emails. If the email will take less than two minutes to read and reply to, then I will take care of it straight away, even if it’s not a high priority. The idea behind this is that if it takes less than two minutes to action, it takes longer to read and then store the task away “to do later” than it would to just take care of the task now. Emails which will take longer than two minutes to read or respond to, I will schedule in some time to read, or add this as an action on my To-Do List. – Rob.F
  • First thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon I always take the time to update my to-do list with everything that needs to get done, urgent and non-urgent. Once I have everything down, I prioritise the tasks in number order of which deadlines are most imminent, which will determine the top priorities for that/the next day. – Ella
  • Being organised is all about making decisions, so I like to deal with tasks as they arrive. If a piece of paper lands on my desk, I had a habit of picking it up, wondering what to do with it and putting it down again. Now I am able to decide what to do with it, then: do it, schedule time to do it, file it or bin it. – Mark
  • Do you have scanner at work, chances are you do – but do you utilise it? I work mainly from my inbox, and also get a fair number of paper memos throughout the day. Recently I’ve been able to clear a lot of paper clutter by scanning it into soft copy or PDF. It’s easier to file, and share with others who may need it for their work too. – Dave
  • Time management and deadlines are extremely important to me. Managing the projects for the team it is key that we continue to meet deadlines and hit objectives, I therefore make sure I always clarify a deadline when I am given a task, in order to correctly evaluate the value of putting that task ahead of or behind others on the list. – Lou

Do you use any of these tips, or do you have any of your own? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!