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Nu Notebook Hack – Adding a Pocket to Your Notebook

A guest blog by Amanda @MyEclecticBlog :

I love notebooks, so when Nuco contacted me about their new website and blog I jumped at the chance to work with them.  They sent me this gorgeous pink Nu Era pop notebook so I could share with you my little hack for adding a pocket to a notebook to keep your bits and pieces safe.
Nu Notebook – Era Pop Journal

I usually use notebooks this size to plan projects but I like to add a pocket to hold receipts and scraps of paper so they won’t fall out or get lost in my bag.

Here is how I do it:

Pretty polka dot envelope
Step one: Find a pretty envelope and seal it.
Make your mark
Step two: Decide how big you want your pocket to be.  Draw a line to mark where you need to cut off the excess.
Draw a semicircle
Step three: To make it easier to remove the things you put in the pocket, use something round to draw a semicircle in the open end of the envelope and cut the shape out.
The finished pocket
Step four: Glue the pocket into your notebook.  I also glued a project life card onto the front of mine to make it look cute.
The pocket in use

If you can’t find a nice envelope then you could use a plain white one and decorate it with washi tape or stickers. You could even make your own with some scrapbook paper, there are lots of tutorials on Pinterest to help you out.

Nuco’s new website will be launching near the end of the month so I will let you know when it is live if you want to pop over and take a look.
Do you have a favourite notebook hack or any hints and tips?
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