What Your Handwriting Says About You

“Graphology” – there’s a new word to impress with at dinner parties. It means the study of handwriting, and is used to analyse aspects such as character, personality and abilities. It has even been used in the medical field as a means of tracking diseases!

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Size – Large writing indicates you are outgoing with a front of confidence and tend to be people-orientated.

Small writing indicates a shyer personality, who is more concentrated and meticulous.
Average sized writing suggests you are well-rounded and easy-going.

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Spacing – If your writing has wide spacing, you are said to enjoy your freedom, and dislike being cramped or overwhelmed.
Narrow spacing is for those who can’t stand to be alone, and crowd others.

Slanting – If writing has no slant you are said to be practical and think about things logically without emotions getting in the way.
If writing has a right slant you enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences, whereas if writing has a left slant, you will keep to yourself and shy away from the limelight.

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Shape – Rounded letters suggest you are creative and artistic, whereas pointed letters indicate aggression, intelligence, and curiosity. If your letters are connected, you are logical, and always think systematically when decision making

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Pressure – If you write with a heavy hand you are more likely to welcome commitment and approach things more seriously.  A lighter scribe can mean you are sensitive and have a higher empathy level

Speed – writing quickly shows impatience, especially with delays or timewasters. Whereas writing at a relaxed pace can indicate a methodical mind set, where you are more organised and self-reliant.

Signature – Finally, if your signature is not legible, it is suggested that you are a private person, who may be easily misunderstood. If your signature is pristine, this can mean you are comfortable and confident in yourself, and are happy with how you are portrayed by others.

So, over to you! Let us know in the comments below how you scored on the handwriting test, are you shy and misunderstood? Creative and empathetic? Let us know!

Credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2380858/What-does-handwriting-say-Study-finds-5-000-personality-traits-linked-write.html