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Why Do We Love Stationery So Much?

Stationery has progressed significantly over the last decade from ‘boring’ office essentials, to some truly beautiful and luxurious pieces, and with the variety of choice in the market today there really is something for every use and personality. As Marylin Monroe famously said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” At Nuco we believe “Give a woman the right notebook and she can conquer the boardroom!” We cater to desire as well as functionality with our range of nu notebooks, considering consumer needs and quality aesthetics in every step of product development. In a meeting, a notebook becomes an accessory as much as a handbag or a watch, and it is this notion that has dictated an important market swerve towards “good looking” notebooks and stationery.

The beauty of stationery as a market is that it is so varied and can mean so many things to so many people. For example the crisp first page of a new notebook can open a world of possibilities, allowing each individual to write, draw, and doodle to their hearts content. The choice and selection we have available now is so exciting & how can you not enjoy selecting beautiful pieces. A handwritten letter from a friend or relative never fails to make us smile, knowing the consideration which has been taken over the words, the chosen paper or card, and the nostalgia of a life before technology.

The notion of beautiful stationery stems back from when we were just children starting a new term at school, proudly presenting a new, shiny pencil case and showing off the colourful animal-shaped erasers, mini highlighters we had no use for, and other fascinating goodies we had inside. Now as adults this mentality is mirrored in actions such as being gifted a new pen for a new job, or the excitement we feel when our new diary for the year arrives. It’s the feeling of the possibilities and opportunities to come which excite us. For Louise, our Product and Marketing Manager, “a notebook is so important as it’s where I plan my future and something I keep to remember my history. I used my notebook to plan my wedding & life. It sounds dramatic but ticking off my bucket list in my notebook gives me so much pleasure! Every now and then I flick through my wedding book and remember small details I had forgotten. As technology evolves and develops I know I can always rely on access to my beautiful notebook to remind me of my achievements and important events in my life.”

What does your notebook mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!