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High quality, multi-purpose Copier paper

nu copier paper

Quality paper for printing, copying and more.

  • PEFC Certified Paper
  • 500 Sheet Ream
  • General everyday quality documents
  • Suitable for all laser and inkjets
  • Good runability
  • Smooth Surface

Our nu: Brand Copier Paper

This PEFC certified nu: Copier Paper is perfect for multi-purpose use in the office, at home, and in the classroom. Modern rotary cutting machines for sheeting creates an anti-curl quality of the paper that reduces paper jams, and the low level of dust content when printing or copying prolongs the life of the copier.

High quality raw material and modern production technology gives a bright whiteness and therefore a high print contrast when printing. Due to standard smoothness control, the smooth paper surface allows for great toner transfer which makes the copy as sharp as the original.

This paper is suitable for photocopies, printing with inkjet or laser printers, and offset preprints.

nu: Copier Paper

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