nu kraft range

Fashion and function combined

Our FSC®-certified paper nu: Kraft collection features three ranges of fashion-based designs, making this range both stylish and practical.

Check out the products in each of these three ranges below.

  • Kraft 
  • Deco
  • Striped 

What is Kraft Board?

Kraft Board is a recycled paper material, and is usually made from a mixture of lots of different types of wood pulp. The process to manufacture Kraft Board is different to normal paperboard. The difference is that a liquid solution is applied to the wood to remove a substance called ‘lignin’. Lignin is a substance found in wood pulp that helps the cells retain moisture. By removing this substance, the pulp material becomes stronger, making Kraft Board a versatile material for hardwearing products. 

nu: Kraft Deco

Available in a handy 3 pack of stitched notebooks in either A4 or A5. 

– 80 gsm – 60 pages
– foiled logo
– printed design
– natural manila
– rounded corners

nu kraft deco notebooks

nu: Kraft Notebook Range

Notebooks, project books and stitched books with a handy elastic closure, all with stylish foil detailing and premium cream paper.
nu kraft notebook

Wiro Notebook

nu kraft stitched

Stitched Notebook

Nu Elite Black Kraft A4 Project Book

Project Book

nu: Kraft Striped

Available in a handy 3 pack of stitched notebooks in either A4 or A5.

– 80 gsm – 60 pages
– printed tape spine
– natural manila
– rounded corners
– printed logo

nu kraft striped notebooks

Everything You Need To Know About Recycling Paper

Recycling paper has a massive benefit to the environment. The UK uses more than 12 million tons of paper each year and recycles around 80% of paper. In this blog, we look at the effect paper use has on the environment, and how all paper can be recycled.