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Introducing our nu: Stone paper notebooks and journals

While it may look and feel like regular paper, nu: Stone is so much more.
It’s an eco-friendly, new kind of notebook which is 100% Tree Free, instead, made from Stone!

There is no waste water or bleach used in this paper, making it much more environmentally friendly than standard paper.

nu: Stone paper notebooks offer a super smooth writing experience unlike anything you will have used before, whilst also providing outstanding durability. Its waterproof pages make this notebook versatile for everyday use both inside and outdoors.

  • 100% Tree-Free
  • Water, oil and tear resistant
  • Vegan leather journal

What makes these notebooks unique?

The nu: Stone range of natural paper notebooks are a revolutionary alternative for those people looking to move away from using traditional 100% plastic materials for their printed products.

Made using a patented process, nu: Stone Paper combines high volumes of chalk with low volumes of Polyethylene to create a range of materials that offer consumers, designers and manufacturers the opportunity to be truly green whilst at the same time avoiding the price premiums often associated with “green” products.

nu stone notebook

What exactly is Stone Paper and How is it Made?

Stone paper is a new, innovative material that has lots of benefits over traditional paper made from pulp. Our short guide outlines what stone paper is, how it is made, and a few of its benefits. Click the button below to read our blog to find out more.

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